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The weather forecast for the day of the Robin Hood Trophy at Sherwood Pines was a little disheartening after the hours spent trying to ensure everything was correctly organised for the day. Thankfully the rain held off and albeit a little cold, the conditions were reasonable for a February Orienteering Event in the East Midlands. The recent bad weather had broken down a lot of the bracken, allowing for a good runnable forest. A big well done to planner, Peter Carter, and controller, Mike Gardner, for planning some good courses.

A big thanks to the good support network of the NOC helper teams. The day ran smoothly, with jobs getting done, allowing the organiser to wonder what they needed to do next! I can't express enough thanks to all those involved, too numerous to mention by name, who helped the day run so smoothly.

There don't appear to have been too many problems during the day, leastways none to have reached my ears yet. We did have a slight worry towards the end of the day when it became apparent a young yellow course runner was overdue. He appeared none the worse for wear, not too dispondent and quite surprised that a search party had been dispatched on his behalf. I trust all of those who ran, had a good day and enjoyed the event.

Helen Parkinson


After several months of worry with the Forestry Commission slighty rearranging the forest, as expected, and some people deciding to "tidy up" my tripods and tags there was an event which I hope people enjoyed.

Those who were bold enough to cut the corners should have found good running conditions.

Always a pity we didn't encourage more non orienteering runners to do Long Orange as a way to increase participation. Somebody recently said to me they used to enjoy a Red course, but there never seems to be one on offer! A non orienteer wouldn't realise it's name had been changed - half price Long Orange might be an idea.

The main reason for planners comments is I believe to thank specfic helpers who put a lot of time and effort in to the event. All were up at 05:00, in the forest by 06:00hrs in damp dark conditions to set out all 79 controls.

Thnaks to controller Mike Gardner and his helper Mick Lucking for zig zagging through the Forest checking the controls and all Mike's help in the planning process.

Liz Davies from AIRE likes a challenge and placed about 25 of the controls even after many of the tags had been removed by members of the public. Liz also told me to stop panicking now and again.

The weather became rather damp by collecting in time, along with David, Dan and Liz, thanks also to Alan Beardsley for helping to collect controls.

The stalwart David Winser always on call to help, spent several days in the forest prior to the event locating techinal sites where tags had been removed and rebuilding tripods where they had been removed or destroyed by ill informed people. David also had his family engaged in this process once or twice. David, the finish leader, has helped on all the events I have planned which I greatly appreciate.

Always trying to avoid brambles.

Peter Carter

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