Results for JK Sprint Championships, Whiteknights, 29/03/2013

15.30 Wednesday updated for residual changes
23.00 Saturday added links to splits Browser and Winsplits
18.40 Friday provisional results uploaded. Results updated for adjustments for late starts 22:00 and other corrections 24:00.

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Championship and Badge times
Winsplits on-line.
Splits Browser.

Downloadable file of splits in SPORTIdent CSV format
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Class Results
M10 W10
M12 W12
M14 W14
M16 W16
M18E W18E
M20E W20E
M21E Men Open W21E Wommen Open
M35 W35
M40 W40
M45 W45
M50 W50
M55 W55
M60 W60
M65 W65
M70 W70
M75 W75
M80 W80
M85 W85

Course splits
Course 1 M21E M20E M18E
Course 2 W21E W20E W18E
Course 3 MOpen M35 M40
Course 4 M45
Course 5 M14 M16 Nvc
Course 6 M50
Course 7 M55 W35
Course 8 W14 W16
Course 9 M60 WOpen
Course 10 W40 W45
Course 11 M65 W50
Course 12 M70 W55 W60
Course 13 M12 W12 M75 M80 M85 W65 W70 W75 W80 W85
Course 14 M10 W10 White Yellw

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